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Practical Work Schedule


Is your project plan good


Deadlines, workload and market pressures can have us start on projects without outlining a robust project plan. Project plans are more than a list of tasks, delivery timelines and the assigned resources. A well-thought out project plan makes everyone’s lives easier—that’s exactly what ROIBlueprints does.

Manage and deliver your projects successfully


Document your project scope
Always keep your stakeholders updated
Allocate resource teams and track their efficiency
Assign work roles and responsibilities for stakeholders
Build effective financial models for your projects

Reporting Spend on Finance


Is your financial plan on track?


Planning and tracking financials can be painful, let alone reporting them to the CFO. If project budgets are not regulated constantly, they are bound to derail, and, we understand this. ROIBlueprints is finely designed to estimate and plan your project funding, track all expenditures and stay in-line with budgets. We ensure that all financial models leverage the standard hurdle rates, go-live dates and end-of-life dates; to consistently depreciate assets.

Online Financial Modeling Tool


Ensure quantitative evaluation of your project financial merits
Capture project cashflow and have us calculate the NPV,
IRR and payback period
Integrate initial project budgets into a request form
Examine cost-benefits across all projects

Detailed Financials Ledger


Track your costs like a CPA would
Track actual costs at a transactional level
Capture internal and external labor and non-labor costs
Get all project labor cost data using our timecard module
Every entry is non-mutable just like a GL which generates a lot of confidence when auditors look for spend data
Get real-time accurate project spend across all projects

Real-Time Status and Risk Analysis


Is everything going as per plan?


With an effective project plan in place you’re half way there. A predictive analysis of your plan plays a critical role in keeping your team and project on track. If you are a part of a PMO, ROIBlueprints is at your service. We analyze scope, timeline, actual spend and risks; to facilitate the best project execution for greater returns on your investment. The diagnostic tools we have in store for you make it a lot easier to have complete control of your project in all phases.

Real-Time Status


Get live access to the status of tasks, risks, issues and action items
Get detailed diagnostics at a task level
Prevent your projects from veering off plan
Get daily historical data to monitor project progress

Diagnostics for Project Health


Scan your projects for schedule and financial variances
Track the health of task to map projected end dates and baselined end dates
Track the EAC from the approved baselined budget
Get recommended changes to keep tasks on track and in the green zone
Collaborate with project managers and sponsors to ensure the target dates
and project budgets only change once approved by the PMO and a ‘Change Control Governing
Body’ (providing out of the box)

Trouble controlling scope creep


Use our Change Control Module to baseline scope, schedules and costs
Deliver projects effectively even under business constraints

Risk & Issue Log


Build transparency and accountability across all project phases
Mitigate any risks before they turn into issues
Get the probability of risks occurring and score their impact

Keeping Auditors Up to Date


Are your Auditors and
CFOs happy?


We understand the importance of keeping your auditors and stakeholders happy. So, we dedicated a specialized feature—

SOP98-1 framework—to make the this easy. Documenting your project funding is simpler than ever with us. And once you’ve done that, leave the tracking to us. Our platform gives you a real-time view of the project spend against what was funded, ensuring that your rules on capitalization our consistently followed on projects.

Release Management


Assign financial assets easily
Tie-in financial assets effortlessly
Tie-in milestones to releases and track your progress
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