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ROIBlueprints is process driven by design,
and that’s why we’re great.

We believe in taking any given project and seeing it through from start to finish. To achieve this, we have the right mix of process focused features, governance tools and informational transparency—enabling organizations to successfully manage demands and efficiently deliver projects. With our easy to use and efficient features driven by processes, you can have a seamless planning and management experience.

Phase 1: Initiation

Set Your Foundation

Document and analyze data to create a blueprint and outline the direction and outcome of the project. With ROIBlueprints, you have complete control over your project while achieving greater efficiency and quality.

We Ensure a Smooth Intake Process

Create a Project Overview
  • Outline the scope in depth
  • Align with corporate goals
  • Design attainable timelines
  • Keep sponsors and stakeholders looped-in
  • Get speedy sign-offs, from stakeholders to project teams
Organize Your Financials with Automated NPV, IRR, and Payback Calculations
  • One-time costs
  • Operating costs
  • Internal vs external labor costs
  • Annual benefits
  • Sponsoring cost center
  • Hurdle rate
  • Document Benefits
Intake Queues
  • Create queues to suit teams
  • Categorize proposals into intake queues
  • Drag and drop proposals to set priority within queues

Phase 2: Planning

Design Custom Project Plans

Based on the determined deliverables, goals, resources and commercials; you can devise an effective completion strategy for your project. With ROIBlueprints, you can ensure task completion, facilitate communication among team members, and manage resources—guaranteeing success and minimizing project risks.

We Help Design an Effective Framework

Planning & Collaboration
  • Create project templates to enforce structure
  • Easily create plans online or on Microsoft Excel templates
  • Structure traditional plans into phases, milestones and tasks
  • Have support for epics, releases, sprints, tasks and defects
  • Critical path automation
  • Support for baselining or re-baselining
Resource Planning
  • Create teams and job roles
  • Plan and manage capacity
  • Review under and over-utilized resources
Fully Integrated Risk and Issue Management Module
  • Automated calculation of planned costs
  • Compare against budgeted costs
  • Financial records and status updates
  • Capture internal vs external labor and non-labor costs
  • Capture CapEx versus OpEx

Phase 3: Monitoring

Always Stay on Track

Monitor and control your project plan with consistent tracking, reviewing and reporting of the progress. ROIBlueprints gives you an in-depth status of all the facets of your project—including the predicted results for any changes made and considerable risks or issues—providing complete control over the next action points.

We Help Monitor Projects from Start to End

Fully Integrated Timecard Process
  • Project and resource manager approval
  • Built in analytics on submission & approval
  • Automated classification of time into CapEx and OpEx using SOP-98 Rules
  • Setup support tasks
Data Driven – Real Time Updates
  • Planned vs actual completion percentages
  • Planned vs actual cost
  • Estimated cost at completion
  • Milestone and phase status
  • Projected end date calculations
  • Daily detailed project data snapshots
  • Real-time project health score
Fully Integrated Risk and Issue Management Module
  • Problem diagnostics with solutions
  • Predicted results for change control process
  • Red flags for risks and issues
  • Fully functional change control process module
  • Built-in change control board support

Phase 4: Closeout and Benefit Realization

Realize Project Benefits

Visibility to closed projects allow organizations to stay true to promised benefits. We provide an end-to-end service, and this extends right to the sign-off during closeout and benefit realization.

We Help You Realize Project Outcomes and Actual Benefits

Quality Control
  • Capture sign-off on project closeout from the sponsors and delivery leads
  • Access to detailed history captured on key project metrics
  • Easily compare project versions and snapshots
Release Management Module
  • Create multiple release packages
  • Attach packages to releases created by a release manager
  • Setup Go-Live dates for releases
  • Monitor completion of releases
SOP98-1 Reporting
  • Easily attach financial asset to release packages
  • Generate monthly CapEx spend report for finances
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